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Sky Results for last three months

It is those mad few weeks where companies are running out their results for the last three months with Sky as the latest. The press release can be found on the Sky corporate website.

The key facts in terms of broadband is that the company has so far received 113,000 orders for broadband, with 74,000 of those connected. 65,000 of those with broadband from Sky are connected via LLU, at one of the 540 exchanges that have been unbundled. Sky states that these 540 exchanges cover 36% of households in the UK. A further 62 exchanges have been handed over by Openreach for the Easynet/Sky hardware to be installed. The Sky group also has another retail broadband operation in the form of UK Online which has 35,000 customers at this time.

One area that has caused problems for some people ordering the service is the phased approach the company is using to handle orders, this has resulted in some people waiting a number of weeks from telling their previous service provider they want to leave. The company does state in its press release that the vast majority were activated within 15 working days of their booked date. This does mean some have to request multiple migration codes, or worse their existing provider has already cut them off. In theory these delays should be less now as Sky are processing orders at around 20,000 a week currently, up from 950 a week in August.

While the Sky broadband service is free to Sky TV customers, around half of customers are opting for one of the paid options paying £5 or £10 per month. Also around 10% of those signing up to the broadband service were taking Sky for the first time.


I'm one of the small number that have not been connected for over 2 months then!

  • tonysturgess
  • over 14 years ago

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