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Watch out - you may be paying more than you need!

In a market which has fast changing pricing and products like broadband, if you take your eye off the ball you can find yourself paying too much. We would recommend at least once a year, just checking what you currently pay, against what new customers are getting. Some people may be surprised at what they find they are paying for, and perhaps didn't notice at sign up time. For example:

  • New lower priced product offering same usage allowance for lower monthly fee.
  • Your usage habits have changed and a lower priced package may be more suitable.
  • Provider has introduced a direct debit discount, and changing billing method may save you money.
  • Being charged for paper billing, online billing can sometimes save you money.
  • Free speed upgrade options may be available.
  • Rather than keep paying for excess usage each month, there may be a product with a higher usage allowance thats works out cheaper.

Some service providers do inform customers of new products that they feel you may be interested in, whereas others rely on the customer spotting the changes themselves. We do recommend reading the terms and conditions before changing service, for example with some providers a free speed regrade can mean entering a new 12 month contract, which could be costly if you move home or change provider in those 12 months. In some other cases changing from an old legacy product can mean moving from an unlimited service, to an unlimited service with a fair use policy.


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