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Let the train take the strain

Anyone traveling on a train with a 3G data card will know the joys of trying to maintain an Internet connection on the fast main lines, since the signal appears to drop in and out of coverage a lot. GNER has provided the solution by completing the roll-out of a Wi-Fi service to all the carriages in its fleet. This means you should be able to access the Internet along the whole East Coast Main Line. The press release covering the announcement and pricing is located here.

The service is free for people traveling in the First Class carriages, other passengers can pay via the landing page once your device has connected to the Wi-Fi network. Prices start at £2.95 for 30 minutes, rising to £9.95 for a 24 hour period. The service is provided by a combination of 3G/GPRS and satellite technology.

Thanks must go out to Guy Kewney's website where we first spotted this news.


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