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Ofcom allows Openreach an extra 150 engineers from BT

2006 was perhaps not the best year to try and get Openreach up and running, as the growth in demand in particular for LLU services, and the more traditional IPstream and Datastream services has put a strain on the limited number of engineering staff the company has. This has lead to longer than usual lead times for things like migrations, ceasing a service, fault finding or just getting connected in the first place.

To this end BT asked Ofcom for permission to allow 150 BT Global Services engineers who have the necessary training to work for Openreach in a move to address the current service challenges. A copy of the letter along with the Ofcom reply can be found at Ofcom has agreed to this arrangement for a short period which runs until the start of the New Year.

The sort of jobs we would expect these engineers to be doing is things like move customers lines over to an unbundled service and other wiring work that goes on in the exchange. Some posters on our forums who are eagle eyed have noticed the words LLU appearing alongside their broadband orders on the order trackers, even when they are not using an unbundled provider. This is normal now, since all IPstream orders (still the bulk of connections) are placed via the same LLU ordering system that companies like Be, UK Online, Bulldog, Talk Talk, Orange and others use to place their LLU orders. Using a single order system is meant to ensure that all orders are treated equally.


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