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New Orange 'Just Broadband' packages

The prices have been floating around for a few days, but the Orange website has now updated to show the latest deals from Orange for broadband. The company now has four products, split across two ranges - Broadband + mobile (18 month contracts) and Just Broadband (12 month contracts).


Monthly fee

Line speed

Modem supplied

Download allowance

Internet calls included

Just Broadband Starter £14.99 up to 2Mbps USB 2GB No
Just Broadband Unlimited £19.99 up to 8Mbps Livebox Unlimited with fair use policy Yes
Mobile + Broadband Starter Free with £30 mobile contract up to 2Mbps USB 2GB No
Mobile + Broadband Unlimited £5 on top of £30 mobile contract up to 8Mbps Livebox Unlimited with fair use policy Yes

Previously the service equivalent to Broadband Unlimited was £27.99 so this represents a fairly large price cut. While the product is titled as unlimited, Orange are clear in showing that a fair use policy does apply to the package.


it may be that these are good prices for new customers -- but existing ones continue to be ripped off paying for a package that no longer exists-- plus service is unreliable and customer service is a joke (except not funny)
ie since being "upgraded" to 8mgs connection drops every few seconds

  • rogerk
  • over 14 years ago

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