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Nildram implements Permanent Traffic Shaping

Nildram are no strangers to traffic shaping having implemented it temporarily back in 2003 when it was used to ensure services like gaming would still run until more capacity into the BT network came online. Now in 2006 it would appear traffic shaping has come back as a permanent addition to both the consumer and business products.

ISPreview has reproduced an email to a customer from Nildram customer support which details that newsgroups (NNTP traffic) are part of the new policy. Alas no fuller explanation of what the various traffic priorities are has been given as yet, but more information is planned and hopefully Nildram will ensure we get a copy.

Of course for the few users who make extensive use of newsgroups this development will be most unwelcome. For other users it is a case of wait and see what happens, although if you are already on a product that has usage limits, having additional traffic controls will probably not be a welcome addition. Traffic Shaping is often used to stop a small number of protocols from swamping available capacity, but there is a fine line between using it in a way that does not cause problems and exploiting its ability to squeeze more customers into the existing network.


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