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NewNet with new flexible payment options

NewNet has updated its Home LITE packages. The new charging system works by you paying the basic £12.95 for a Home LITE service per month, and paying more automatically as your usage exceeds the bandwidth quote. The pricing for the Home LITE package is shown below:

Usage quota per month

Monthy charge

Extra bandwidth charges


0 to 3GB £12.95 No extra charge £12.95
3 to 7GB £12.95 £2.77 £15.72
7 to 11GB £12.95 £5.54 £18.49
11 to 15GB £12.95 £8.31 £21.26

The monthly fee is £1 less if you pay annually, if not paying by Direct Debit a 5% surcharge applies. The activation fee if you do not have ADSL already is £47 but if able to migrate from your existing provider migration is free. Service includes a single static IP address, with a block of 8 available for £3.76 per month.


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