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Bonded xDSL - the answer to faster speeds

Simple bonding that is no more than load balancing across two ADSL lines is fairly easy to set-up, but companies are now offering bonding solutions where you can bond two or more ADSL or SDSL lines together and utilise the bonded capacity for a single download or upload.

Bonding with the need for two xDSL lines is usually out of the price range of the average consumer, but for small companies that need perhaps higher upstream speeds (e.g. two SDSL lines can give a 4Mbps upstream speed), or are perhaps a long way from the exchange and cannot get a 2Mbps service even under Max ADSL, can bond three 1Mbps lines to get 3Mbps downstream.

Managed Communications is one of the providers in the UK that can provide bonded solutions, and claims a saving of around 50% compared to the equivalent speed leased line. They are able to bond anywhere from 2 to 30 lines to meet what must be most needs for speed that a company could have.


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