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NewNet bucks the trend has announced that it is changing its support line from an 0870 rate number to an 0845 number. Generally 0870 numbers cost 8p per minute to call, with the actual charge varying according to your calls providers, a change to an 0845 number should reduce the cost to around 3p per minute.

Apparently NewNet are also revising their phone answering system so that no-one should be in the queue for longer than 10 minutes.


NEWNET? Are Newnet trying to stop this 10 minute waiting on the line, Yes they have... after 2 mins and 30 secs of holding, your call is dropped...YES DROPPED! (Thats CUT OFF to you and me!!), i've never got through to them at all in 6 months of being with them, I think its poor really, they do however reply to e-mails 24 hours later, still, not the same as talkin to a human being!!

  • bbuseruk9
  • over 14 years ago

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