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The end of broadband explosion in sight? has spent a long time projecting the growth in broadband for 220,000 Census Output Areas of the UK. The results suggest broadband numbers in the UK are set to keep growing, from the 9,770,000 at the end of 2005, to 18,460,000 at the end of 2008.

The first quarter of 2006 saw the numbers grow to 11,052,000, which if sustained will mean the 18 million figure is hit during 2008. Looking at this growth at a more local level Point-Topic has provided data for the top 18 local authorities in 2005 along with their projections for 2008.

Local Authority

Take-up 2005

Take-up 2008

Waverley 45% 91%
Wycombe 49% 89%
Aylesbury Vale 47% 88%
South Northamptonshire 40% 87%
South Buckinghamshire 47% 87%
Bracknell Forest 48% 87%
West Berkshire 47% 86%
Wokingham 49% 86%
Milton Keynes 48% 86%
Daventry 40% 86%
Swindon 51% 85%
Surrey Heath 47% 85%
Chiltern 47% 84%
Cherwell 42% 84%
North Wiltshire 40% 84%
West Oxfordshire 43% 84%
East Hertfordshire 46% 83%
Tandridge 44% 83%
Take-up is percentage of households with broadband

For those whose area is not listed above, a map of the UK showing the current and projected take-up can be found here. Point-Topic points out that it expects the rate of growth to actually decline, particularly as areas of the UK like those listed have almost universal take-up of broadband.

As new sign-ups to broadband start to decline it is likely we will see providers shifting their emphasis from connections to services provided. Of course as seen already this year, this will mean a continuing explosion in marketing activities, particularly to attract the remaining die-hard dial-up users and those not using the Internet at all. Lets hope that what many are perceiving as a drop in the quality of service by providers this year can be reversed as processes are used more and the kinks ironed out.


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