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And Thus Did Demon Cease

The first batch of ADSL contracts are about to reach their 12 month term this week for around 450 Demon ADSL users.

For those users who chose the Ethernet based products they should roll over OK into the next stage of the contract BUT for those who opted for the USB based product complications are apparent, this is around 100-300 users.

At the time that users were given the choice (around Sept 2000 originally) the Demon USB service was not available, and to reduce costs to Demon, Demon subsidised the provision of ethernet service reserving the right to switch users at a date in the future with 30 days notice.

Now that this 'ethernet' contract is reaching it's original term Demon are arranging to convert users to the USB service, but this isnt going smoothly. Statements have been released by Demon in the last 10 days stating that the majority of users would be switched to the USB service by the end of this week. But contradictory statements were made saying that it will be 3-4 weeks before people will be contacted and that a estimated maximum of 10 days gap in service while been switched. Also today it appears that each user will only find out about their install date the day before it happens.

To make things worse on Tuesday 19th June, a number of users were cut off when Demon revoked their login priveleges claiming the trial was over and that they should be using the 'live' service logins, users reported back saying that the live logins didnt work and had been reported months ago. Demon's answer was that they werent aware that anyone was still using the trial logins. These users are been told that they wont get service now until the USB service is installed.


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