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Calling those who would like to see their broadband problem on TV

Broadband and its various ups and downs are much more part of the mainstream press now, and rather than just give feedback based on our general perception of the market, we are looking for a number of broadband users who have varying experiences who do not mind being interviewed by the BBC.

Due to the pressures of deadline, i.e. this is likely to happen in the next week or two and to make life easier, as we want to cover both LLU and standard BT Wholesale services, we are looking for people ideally in the South/West areas of London, i.e. M23 corridor clockwise around to High Wycombe.

The item will be looking at the common issues of actual download speeds versus the commonly advertised 'up to 8Mbps' headline, along with problems people have had in getting service activated, and other issues.

If you are interested, then email me at [email protected]. I may reply to ask further questions, but please include your postcode so we can see where people are, and if you have friends or family with both positive or negative experiences we are happy to talk to them. We cannot promise to resolve any problems you have, but we can but try.


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