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BT Launches SME IT Support Service

To follow up its launch of a Home IT support service, BT has today announced an IT support service aimed at small businesses. The product called 'BT Business IT Manager' allows customers to select a range of options to suite their particular business needs ranging from telephone support, remote assistance to on-site help to install networks, workstations or devices.

Costs of the service including installation of a workstation is from £37/user per month. In addition to this, BT is offering finance options to spread the cost of investment in information technology. Companies will be provided with a named contact at BT who can be contacted with any problems and who will liaise with support staff who may be sent on-site. Not only does BT provide a reactive service whereby users can call for assistance, they can also include proactive monitoring and management as part of the package.

This service is not one you would typically expect a large corporation such as BT to be providing. It is often provided by small companies in the local area. Whilst small providers of support services can still offer personal services, BT's trusted name and support back-up is likely to encourage many smaller businesses to take up the service, and it should be noted this will probably increase their use of BT based communications services. Indeed, BT is making use of a network of 75 small local businesses to help provide this service, under the BT brand and expertise back-up.

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