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BT introduced IT support service for consumers

BT has entered the IT support market by launching a service called "BT Home IT Visit" targeted at home users. BT Broadband customers can arrange for an engineer to visit their home and install a broadband service from £50 and anyone with a BT line can use the Home IT Visit service for IT-related problems for a fee of £75 for the first hour, and £25 per 30 minute increment thereafter.

The company has been running trials for three months and now has a team of up to 2,000 trained engineers who are providing this service. The service is ideal for households wanting some help in setting up a wireless network, moving data to a new computer, connecting new printers, etc. Engineers can also carry out a 'health check' on your PC.

"People are becoming increasingly dependent on broadband to help run ever busier lives but not everyone has the time or the expertise to set things up or maintain them on their own.

Our new service is designed to help people exploit the full potential of broadband and make it really work for them. There are a host things that people know they want to do but are not sure how to. For example, sharing files, photos and music between computers on a wireless home network or linking other devices like gaming machines and iPods."

Emma Sanderson, Director, Value Added Services for BT Retail

Earlier this year, BT launched BT Home IT Advisor, a service costing £9.99 per month which offers users with remote help for general network issues, setting up devices, etc. More than 1,000 customers are signing up to the service each week and BT claims a 96% satisfaction rating.


There is no guarantee that engineer install will wotk after the engineer has left. It is a gamble and engineer is always in hurry to leave. Further engineer was unable to use default security and had to setup WEP only

  • kacharia
  • over 12 years ago

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