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EU broadband league table puts UK in 6th place has the bare detail on the European Broadband League Table for the first quarter of 2006. The data has been collated by the European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA), and we expect more detail to appear on their website in due course.

European broadband league table Q1 2006


Q1 2004

Q1 2005

Q1 2006

1 Denmark Netherlands Denmark
2 Netherlands Denmark Netherlands
3 Belgium Finland Finland
4 Sweden Belgium Sweden
5 Austria Sweden Belgium
6 Finland France UK
7 France UK France
8 UK Austria Luxembourg
9 Germany Luxembourg Austria
10 Portugal Portugal Germany
11 Spain Italy Italy
12 Italy Germany Spain
13 Luxembourg Spain Portugal
14 Ireland Ireland Ireland
15 Greece Greece Greece

The overall penetration figure across the EU is 14.1%, with an increase of 5.5 million lines, an increase of 9% over the previous quarter. Denmark has a penetration figure of almost 30%, with Ireland languishing at just 8%, and Greece a long way behind at 2%. If as suggested in the item, that the reason for the UK moving up the table is the level of competition up until Q1 2006, then we should expect to see more growth as 2006 has seen a raft of offers that while causing lots of people to move around in the broadband market, should attract lots of people to get a broadband connection for the first time.


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