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Sky movie download service on hold

Sky sent an email out to its customers who were registered for the Sky by Broadband service informing them that the service had been put on hold while essential security upgrades were carried out. has further information on the issue. It appears that the pause in service is due to Microsoft having to work out a way of blocking the tools that can circumvent the Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection that exists in Windows Media Player.

For those using the Sky service to catch up on films they've missed, or for downloading onto a laptop for when traveling the gap in service will be annoying and as its linked to Microsoft plugging the DRM holes how long before the service reappears is unknown.

DRM is a contentious area, some feel it is controlling the legitimate use of the material, but unfortunately in a world where a few will exploit DRM free material to make many copies and sell them it seems people will have to suffer digital downloads that self-destruct after a number of days or plays.


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