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Foula gets broadband

The Scotsman carries the news that the BT telephone exchange on the island of Foula has been ADSL enabled for a basic 0.5Mbps service. The island has just 35 BT customers and the work was scheduled for last year but problems with logistics and weather damage to previous work led to delays.

Much is made of this being the last exchange to be broadband enabled in Scotland, and while it is true that this is the last Scottish exchange to be enabled under the Scottish Executive. The remaining 21 exchange areas are covered by a wireless scheme

BT makes the comment that there are still 10,000 BT customers across Scotland who have telephone lines too long to receive ADSL, which when you consider Scotland is home to some 5 million people is not too bad. If you are one of those 10,000 it is obviously bad news, but is a far better coverage than many other countries including those offering 100Mbps and 1Gbps access speeds in the major cities.


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