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Broadband bubble still growing

The office of National Statistics published this morning information on Internet access and broadband connections. They estimate that within the recording period of January - April 2006, 13.9 million households (57%) in Great Britain have Internet access at home, a 2.9 million increase since 2002. The highest concentration of Internet access was in the South East of England, approximating 66% of households, and a low of 48% in Scotland.

Broadband take up has been strong with 69% of households with Internet access connecting via broadband. Again regional differences are expected - 78% in London which turns out to be just under half of all households in the London region at 49%. Northern Ireland comes in lower. Of their 400,000 households with Internet access (making the UK total 14.3 million), 56% had broadband connections. An update to the quarterly index of Internet Connectivity also shows that for June 2006, 72.6% of all Internet connections (businesses and households) were broadband connections.

The rising figures are likely to increase due to recent offers that see free broadband bundled with other services attracting people who may have been unwilling to make the leap due to cost. Such offers as Orange and TalkTalk offering a free connection with their mobile and landline services respectively, have been complemented by Sky also entering the arena with a free deal for Sky customers.


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