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No service for some Euro1Net customers

Around 5,500 Euro1Net customers will be reading this news item via dial-up. Monday saw BT Wholesale redirect customers connections to a holding page informing Euro1Net customers who had an ADSL login in the format [email protected] that BT Wholesale is to cease the connection by Tuesday 5th September. The full text is reproduced below:

"Notice of Termination of Service

Please note that this is not a fault; your broadband service has been re- directed to this webpage by BT Wholesale and you will not be able to navigate your web service beyond this page.

Your current broadband service provider is Advanced Data Services (Europe) Limited (trading as Euro1Net). Advanced Data Services (Europe) Limited (trading as Euro1Net) delivers your service via a BT Wholesale product.

BT Wholesale has stopped providing a service to Advanced Data Services, due to the non-payment of invoices. This means that your broadband service has also ended.

We are now working to ensure you are able to order a new broadband service with a provider of your choice as soon as possible. The technical process should be completed by Tuesday 5th September 2006, at which time you will be able to order a new service. You will not be able to order a new broadband service until this technical process has completed.

Please do not contact BT Wholesale as we will not be able to assist you further. BT Wholesale does sympathise with the situation that you find yourself in, but this is a matter between you and Advanced Data Services.

Thank you.
BT Wholesale (21/08/06) "

Text of BT Wholesale holding page has published an announcement on its Network Status page which we have copied below.

"Mon Aug 21 21:03:08 2006

Important announcement

Due to an issue concerning one of our suppliers namely BT, Euro1Net have had it’s IP Stream service cut, which effectively means that all customers whose domain ends will be without service.

Euro1Net is currently looking for a resolution to this issue and will update you in the very near future.

We have a number of options available including if necessary, transferring you over to our Talk & Surf service, or supplying each user a Migration Authorisation code (MAC) and a refund of any unused months.

We are not going out of business; we just have an issue with one particular supplier.

We apologise for the loss of your service and would ask not to telephone our customer Services team as our telephone system is obviously currently overloaded."

Copy of Euro1Net network status page

While Euro1Net seem to be telling people that they can be migrated to an alternate domain/supplier with the company, the BT Wholesale page indicates that this may not be possible due to cease orders being placed on the lines. For the home user a cease of an ADSL service is serious since to get ADSL running again it will require payment of the line activation fee of £47, or chasing a provider that offers free activation. Perhaps more serious for some is the fact to get the best prices from Euro1Net you actually pay for a year or more of ADSL service in advance. This may well leave some people owed money by Euro1Net and the costs of getting ADSL up and running again. For those who paid by credit card it should be possible to get a refund for unused months via the credit card company if they have problems getting a refund via Euro1Net. This highlights the fact that where at all possible you should use a full credit card for online/telephone transactions rather than a cheque or debit card.

If you are affected by the situation then our Euro1Net forum section is worth visiting to find out the latest news.


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