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Pipex Wireless WiMAX trial shows promise

Pipex Wireless is a joint venture between Pipex and Intel and they have just announced the successful completion of a WiMAX trial in Stratford-upon-Avon.

The trial looked at the performance of WiMAX indoors and outdoors, with a marked difference between connection speeds in the two. At 1.2km from the base station with no direct line of sight and indoors symmetric speeds of 2Mbps were possible, switching to an external antenna improved this to 10Mbps downstream and 9Mbps upstream. Moving out to a distance of 6km still with the external antenna speeds of 6Mbps downstream and 4Mbps upstream were shown to be possible.

Further trials are planned for 2006, and roll-out of services to major metro areas is slated for 2007. The performance with an external antenna is encouraging, and offers potential for people who want higher speed services but live too far from their exchange for a DSL service at that speed.


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