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Verizon has fun rolling out fibre in New York

Verizon in the United States has its fibre based FIOS service, which is now expanding into the New York area at a cost of $3 billion to service 3.1 million homes and apartments. Details over on the New York Times website.

The Verizon FIOS service starts at $34.95 for a 5Mbps service, $44.95 for 15Mbps and a whopping $179.95 for a 30Mbps service. Generally these prices are before tax in the United States, as each state can levy different levels of sales tax.

At a time when the debate is about how the UK should go forward it is revealing to read how Verizon is handling the roll-out in New York and the relative costs of doing so. To cover 16 million homes by the end of the decade it will spend around $20 billion. The United States has something like 100 million households, so Verizon will have only scratched the surface by 2010. For those who like to discuss the costs of a fibre roll-out in the UK, its worth noting that the cost of underground fibre in urban areas can be $100 per foot against $7 to $25 per foot in the suburbs. This explains why Verizon is currently rolling out the fibre to areas with telephone poles, e.g. Bronx, Staten Island and Queens areas of New York.


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