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Snippets of info on forthcoming BT Vision product

Interactive TV features the news that Marc Watson has been appointed as Commercial Director of the BT Vision product. BT Vision is BT Retails entry into the IPTV Video on Demand arena and its future release is being heavily plugged in a series of adverts at present.

The set-top box that will be the centre of the BT Vision service has remained invisible so far, but we now know a bit more about it. The box will be based around Microsoft TV's IPTV Edition middleware and be a hybrid FreeView/IPTV device. The unit will have a hard disk allowing the storage of up to 80 hours TV, and also support high-definition video. The service will be subscription free with some content only available on a pay-per-view basis.

The new BT Vision service appears to need the new modem router sold by BT Retail, which is the BT Home Hub. If the BT Vision service requires consumers to buy into this latest modem router from BT, then they may find those who previously purchased a BT Voyager or 2Wire device reluctant to part with cash again. The current advertising campaign is a little odd, since if the couple did decide to move in, the act of taking over the BT line billing would mean setting up the ADSL connection all over again. Also if the BT Home Hub is so good why did the previous residents leave the Hub behind?


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