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ntl:Telewest 2.9 million broadband users

August is traditionally a quiet month, but companies are publishing their second quarter results almost every day. The ntl:Telewest is the latest provider to publish its Q2 2006 figures. To read the full results visit the ntl Press Centre website.

A year ago ntl:Telewest had a total of 2,261,400 broadband users, by Q4 of last year this had risen to 2,630,300. The year for 2006 saw a rise of 191,400 in the first quarter, and another rise of 80,600 in the second quarter, resulting in a current total of 2,902,300 broadband customers. The number of dial-up customers is pretty small at 107,300, a decrease of over 100,000 customers since Q1 2005, which accounts for some of the broadband customer growth, but also highlights that ntl:Telewest is attracting customers from other parts of the market, e.g. ADSL providers, other dial-up providers and first time Internet users.

ntl:Telewest while it may be feeling the pressure of the rapid growth of marketing for bundled broadband services this year, is set to stiffen its standing later in the year in this arena, with its quad-play package of digital TV, telephone, broadband and mobile phone.


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