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UK has 673,000 unbundled lines

Local loop unbundling (LLU) is continuing its growth, with the UK now having over 673,000 unbundled lines, this is an increase of 90,000 lines compared to July 2006. With the total number of new broadband connections running at 56,000 per week, this suggests that almost 40% of new broadband connections are via a LLU service at present. This figure is not going to be totally accurate since a number of providers are moving existing customers to an unbundled operator.

The continued growth is good news, but the Office of the Telecommunications Adjudicator in the August does point out that the delivery of unbundled lines is still not hitting its 'right first time' targets, and has slipped in performance in recent months.

We hope that very soon the issue of migration back off of LLU providers, and between their services will be addressed. Some people are able to get the MAC they need to migrate away from a LLU provider, but often have trouble getting other providers to accept it, or as seems more common people cannot get the migration code. A healthy market should rely on the ability for a consumer to show their dissatisfaction at a service by easily moving to another provider. The current migration situation is perhaps unfairly keeping customers on service, or forcing them to leave via the cease/provide route which can mean no broadband for a week or two.


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