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First signs of a slow down in the broadband market?

Personal Computer World features an item entitled 'Broadband sign-ups fall amid market confusion'. To some extent a drop in the rate of new sign-ups to broadband, be it cable or ADSL is to expected in a market where for the last few months every other week has seen a major announcement, which often claims to be bigger, cheaper or better than all the others.

The raw numbers are such that in the last quarter 730,000 people have signed up, bringing the UK broadband total to 11.7 million. This is the lowest quarterly growth figure for the last two years, though it is very possible the the queuing system employed by Talk Talk is partly to blame. Talk Talk has around 250,000 users connected to its broadband service now, but Point Topic estimate there are 400,000 waiting for their broadband, which works out at around 30,000 per week. How many of those waiting for a Talk Talk broadband service are already using broadband with another provider we do not know. If half of those waiting for their Talk Talk broadband service are first time broadband users then the sign-up rate looks a lot more healthy. Even then it suggests that Talk Talk rather than increasing the overall UK broadband take-up, has land grabbed users who would perhaps have signed up to other providers.


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