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Openreach changes policy on DACS removal

Today brings some good news for those people who in the past have tried to get broadband and were refused it, due to a line sharing device (commonly called a DACS).

Openreach the business division within the BT group that maintains the local loop has revised its planning policies with regards to DACS units. Previously if you ordered broadband, or a new PSTN line with the requirement for broadband, any line sharing device would only be removed if the cost to do so was under £1000. NOTE: This refers to cost to Openreach, not a price that was ever charged to the member of the public. A new policy has been circulated to members of the Openreach division, that it will now remove DACS units for broadband order, if a PSTN line is ordered specifically for broadband use, or is an LLU order, even if the cost is over £1000 per line. In cases where the costs are very high, then it may take longer than usual week or so remove the DACS unit as authority to proceed with the work is obtained from higher management.

It is worth pointing out that Openreach does warn that if you have a dial-up Internet service, the new rules for DACS removal do not apply, as the speeds possible with a DACS line do meet the USO functional Internet access requirement of 28Kbps (Kilo bits per second).

This news is very welcome, we do not know how many people will stand to gain from this change, but it is a subject that surfaces each week on our forums, or in emails. The jump from being stuck with dial-up to even the slow ADSL at 0.25Mbps speeds is a significant one, which you can forget about once you have had broadband for a few years.


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