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Swindon has the highest proportion of households with broadband

Point-Topic regularly publishes a wide range of statistics on broadband in the UK, and its latest publication covers the take-up per household for broadband around the UK. To see their full report visit

Swindon seems to be the king of the hill with respect to the percentage of households with a broadband connection at 51.1%, beating Wokingham by 1.8%. Interestingly in terms of the number of lines per person, the City of London wins at 1.36 broadband lines for every resident of the Square Mile, this is perhaps more a reflection of the low resident population, versus the large number of business connections.

Local Authority

Households with broadband

Swindon 51.1%
Wokingham 49.3%
Wycombe 48.7%
Milton Keynes 48.5%
Watford 48.4%
Stevenage 48%
Bracknell Forest 47.9%
Aylesbury Vale 47.5%
West Wiltshire 47.2%
Surrey Heath 47.1%

For those parts of the UK not in the top 10, a map of the UK on the Point-Topic site shows the relative take-up across the UK. Point-Topic has also drawn the conclusion that where ntl:Telewest and other broadband services like ADSL are both present that overall broadband take-up is higher, this may also be a factor of how long broadband has been available in the area.

With the reported number of broadband sign-ups in the UK running at around 70,000 per week (source:, it seems the market has not yet reached saturation point. All this is good news for providers, since it means the overall market is growing, but if the competition from the bundles and low cost services can deliver some degree of quality service, then a lot of smaller providers may find the marketing power of the big names overwhelming. Good marketing can very often win over people even if a competitors product is actually a better, remember the old VHS versus BetaMax battle.


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