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How does ADSL for £60 for the first 12 months sound?

Namesco is offering what 12 months ago would be ADSL at an unthinkable price, for a £60 connection fee, you get connected to their ADSL service, and receive a free router, and for the next 12 months pay no monthly fee if your monthly usage remains under 2GB per month. This offer is only running for the month of August.

The free for 12 months service is a basic 0.5Mbps ADSL connection, with a 2GB monthly usage allowance, with additional downloads costing £1 per GB. The free router is a ZyXEL 660RC the same as they supply for their other consumer oriented services. Once the free 12 month period is complete the monthly fee will be £10.95 per month. It is worth pointing out that there is no premium rate support line, just the standard Namesco 0845 number, and the minimum contract term is 30 days.

Namesco are currently celebrating their 10th Birthday and are running a competition on their site where you can answer a few simple questions, and stand the chance of winning champagne or cash in the daily prize draw. Five out of the 31 August winners will also be entered into a draw to win the main prize of an Aston Martin DB9.


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