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Norwich gets its free wi-fi network

Synetrix has deployed a wireless network that provides free Wi-Fi access across the city of Norwich, as well as providing a further 28 hotspots in the Southern part of Norfolk. The network in Norwich itself is provided by a mesh network of over 200 Wi-Fi devices, and provides free 0.25Mbps Internet access to residents and businesses. The mesh devices used are the mSystem APM-300 produced by Telabria.

The roll-out was funded with £1.1 million of public money, and provides a 1Mbps service with secure access for public sector workers. The network covers an area of 30 square kilometers, which apparently makes it to date the largest outdoor deployment of its kind in the UK.

If you live in Norwich or maybe visiting and want to find out more about the service, then pay a visit to, the website includes maps showing the current coverage level from the wireless network.


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