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BT Retail makes Option 2 and Option 3 calls packages cheaper

Generally we do not feature news items on changes to telephone call packages, but at a time when more and more providers are marketing bundles, being aware of the current pricing is becoming more important to broadband users.

BT Retail has announced price cuts of £1.55 per month on its Option 2 and £4.55 for its Option 3 customers. This brings the packages down to £14.95 for Option 2 which gives unlimited Evening and Weekend calls and £20.95 for Option 3 which is an unlimited UK Anytime calls plan. These prices include line rental (the basic Option 1 package is £11 per month, when paid by direct debit). Full details of the changes can be found at

The main package pricing alters from 1st August, but a further batch of changes are to be implemented from 1st October 2006. The minimum call charge is due to drop from 5.5p to 3p, plus a revamp of the calls to mobiles will take place. Also some calls will also be charged per minute rather than per second. A welcome change for those using ISP support lines, is that the 0870 and 0845 call rates are set to lower i.e. "Weekday calls will reduce in cost to 7p per minute in the daytime and 3.5p per minute in the evenings. 0845 weekend calls will reduce in cost from 1.5p per minute to 0.5p per minute".

These price changes come shortly after the news that Ofcom was relaxing price controls for BT Retail (20th July 2006). BT competitors perhaps rightly are going to say that these price cuts are in response to their offers which undercut BT. What we will see in the next few weeks is a rapid change of advertising material, as many telecoms providers like to pick and choose the BT package that makes their deal look the best. When looking at the various broadband/telephony deals, remember to consider issues like, contract length, exit fees, whether ISP recoups activation fees or free hardware when you leave, cost of telephoning the support line, whether they offer upgrade paths if you usage patterns change over time.


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