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Sky Broadband but not if in the Hull area

Sky who only last week announced the details of its Sky Broadband service, which has a basic free package for those on one of its LLU exchanges, or paid for access if on a standard BT exchange, has been busy sending out letters to its satellite TV customers. The letters appear to be localised, with those on an LLU enabled exchange getting details of the product appropriate to them, and those on generally the smaller and less urban exchanges getting a different letter. One issue many will have missed is those in areas where there isn't even a BT exchange, and the residents of Hull are these people. Visit the This is Hull and East Riding website for comments by Sky and reader feedback.

The reason Sky and any other LLU provider is not able to provide its LLU service in the Hull area is because Hull does not have a BT presence, but rather its own Kingston Communications telecoms provider. Interestingly Sky appears to be sweetening the situation slightly for residents in the area, with a special offer for Sky+ and Sky HD services.


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