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ntl:Telewest to offer free digital TV to new phone customers

With the number of inclusive bundles increasing every few days, ntl:Telewest has announced details of what it is planning to launch in September, once the crazy summer season is over. The press release can be read on the ntl website.

For those in an ntl:Telewest area who have not yet adopted the cable TV service, the attraction from September should be greater, as the basic TV package will be available for free. To qualify for the 'free for the life of subscription' TV deal you need to take out a subscription to a new home phone line via ntl:Telewest. A key attraction is that there are no installation or connection charges.

In a move which exceeds the bundling we have seen from others to date, ntl:Telewest are to launch its quad-play package too, this will see four products, phone line, digital TV, broadband and Virgin Mobile Pay Monthly phone for £40 a month. Interestingly rather than a one bundle suits all situation, you can mix and match, with 2 products for £20 per month, three for £30 and the full deal of four at £40 per month.


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