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Plusnet tweaks product ranges

Plusnet has published a press release detailing increases in the peak time allowances for its PAYG, Plus and Premier products, with the changes coming into effect from 1st August 2006.


Monthly fee

Existing peak allowance

Peak allowance as of 1st August

Off peak period

PAYG Basic £9.99 50MB* 450MB Midnight to 8am
Plus £14.99 3GB 4GB Midnight to 4pm
Premier Option 1 £21.99 15GB 20GB Midnight to 4pm
Premier Option 2 £29.99 22.5GB 30GB Midnight to 4pm
Premier Option 3 £39.99 30GB 40GB Midnight to 4pm
(*) Usage in excess of allowance is charged at a rate of 0.224p per MB

Plusnet is not the first service provider to have introduced allowances and then as time passes by to raise the limits. In a rapidly changing market increasing allowances or relaxing other traffic controls is a relatively simple way for a service provider to react to competing offers in the market place.

Looking back at what has happened in the past is always interesting, and back in February 2005, it is interesting to note that when only an up to 2 Mbps connection was available, Plusnet offered its Premier £21.99 product with a Fair Usage Quota of 30GB, with off-peak running from 1am to 8am. Plusnet in a post to users on its own portal forums (reproduced over on our forums here) hints that 2007 may well see reductions in wholesale pricing from BT Wholesale, and Plusnet are anticipating this as a way to cut costs and are increasing allowances now.


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