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Biscit bring bundling to the SME market sector

On Thursday Biscit launched its freeMAX Office product at £30 per month for small businesses. The £30 price gets you a Max ADSL connection, and includes line rental paid via Biscit, plus 12 hours of calls to nationwide landlines. For those who want the higher upstream speeds of up to 832kbps that a Max Premium service offers, this can be added for an extra £6 per month. For full details of the product visit the Biscit website.

For businesses with an existing ADSL connection, migrating to this service will carry a one-off charge of £59, for people with just a BT line and no ADSL this fee rises to £60. For those with no existing BT telephone line the set-up fee rises again to £150. It should be pointed out that the monthly fee is paid quarterly and by direct debit, if you order the service over the telephone rather than online the fee rises to £31.99 a month.


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