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ASA ruling on "free" broadband by Carphone/TalkTalk due

The Advertising Standards Authority ( is due to publish its decision on complaints against Carphone Warehouse's TalkTalk service using the claim of providing "Free broadband ...forever". ISP Review notes that Carphone CEO Charles Dunstone in his blog, gives away indications that the imminent decision is going to back Carphone in its claim over "free" broadband, although he acknowledges that some small changes are going to be made with more details being available once the full decision is published.

Regardless of the decision of the ASA, users should be wary of any claims over broadband services. It is important to consider the total cost of a broadband connection in light of your current services and requirements as these may differ from person to person. With more bundling of fixed line telephony, mobile and interactive TV services the choices are becoming more and more difficult.


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