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Music industry wants to 'tax' Internet services

The Association of Independent Music which represents many independent record labels has suggested that Internet Service Providers should be responsible for the traffic that passes through their network, including the downloading of music and thus reimburse artists and record labels.

According to a BBC News article, at a press conference music industry experts stated that it was wrong to focus legal action on consumers, and that the laws should be changed for Internet Service Providers to pay for music distributed through their services, arguing that these large corporations are benefiting from the use of copyrighted material.

There are clear flaws in this argument, not least from the fact that peer-to-peer traffic actually costs ISPs significantly, and why should this stop at the music industry and not be extended to software manufacturers and in fact anything available on the Internet which cannot be controlled absolutely. Also, by targeting companies rather than individuals, they can limit the potential damage to their brands from the negative PR that can be incurred in going directly after consumers, especially children.

Last week the BPI, a prominent music industry body, was demanding that Tiscali and Cable & Wireless close the accounts of 59 file sharers.


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