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Epitiro launches Consumer ADSL Performance Index

Epitiro, the company behind ISP service quality testing has identified the top five consumer ADSL broadband service for Q2/06. The companies named are BT, Virgin, Demon, AOL and Orange.

The company has developed a benchmarking solution ISP-I which monitors a number of leading broadband service providers from ten different geographic locations around the UK during the testing period from April to June.

"Our consumer ADSL testing found that in terms of Internet performance, BT topped the overall rankings for the period April to June 2006. BT was also found to provide the fastest service as a percentage of its theoretical maximum.

Virgin, BT and AOL were the fastest services to actually connect to the Internet, while Pipex, Orange and BT were up to four times faster than the industry average at delivering email."

Gavin Johns (Managing Director), Epitiro

The performance index scores range from BT (2.78) to Orange (5.23). There seem to be considerable differences between BT in pole position and Virgin (4.79) in second. The ADSL industry average for this quarter is 4.72.

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