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Unlimited time, but not unlimited data from The Cloud

The Register has highlighted something of a contradiction with the new Wi-Fi service from The Cloud. This is that while the companies website describes the service as Flat Rate Wi-Fi and uses the word unlimited a lot, if you dig into the terms and conditions you find that the £11.99 a month or week (depending on service plan) only buys you 1GB of data. Its also worth noting that this 1GB includes both uploads and downloads.

If you read the site carefully you will see that it means the unlimited refers to the time you are connected to the service, and while it is unlikely you are going to sit and use a Wi-Fi hotspot to download a full length movie, people may now be starting to watch more streaming content while sat in airport lounges.

Perhaps it is time for the marketing people to stop trying to fit phrases like unlimited and flat-rate which now have many different interpretations into their advertising and product descriptions. Knowing which 'unlimited' product will allow a particular users pattern of usage is almost impossible in 2006, since many have a fair usage policy, which are often very vague, or so well hidden people do not see them. In some a fair use policy translates into limits that are lower than a limit which its competitors advertise up front.


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