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Show people what your experience of the Max services is like.

The BT Wholesale Max products launched in April 2006, appear to have produced a mixture of reactions, and have resulted in some people learning a lot more about the technology than perhaps they would have liked to. It is believed that for many the services are giving higher line speeds, and better download speeds, but conversely our forums are showing a steady stream of problems. To try and gauge the overall impression across all providers we have decided to run a fairly short poll, which can be accessed on our frontpage or below.

We would encourage everyone who is using a Max product to vote, even if they've had no problems, since this will give a better idea of how things are going. One of the issues perhaps not always communicated by providers very well, is that the first few days after being connected to a Max service may see the line drop and resync more often than normal, this is relatively normal and should resolve itself after a few days, we class this as teething problems. Ongoing problems are those where after a couple of weeks the service is still highly variable, working sometimes or dropping out several times in an hour, and you need to contact your provider to get this resolved. In a few cases we have seen some users regrading back to a fixed speed service, in which case vote for the last option if this is you. It should be pointed out that regrades back to the fixed speed services are available at the wholesale level, so if your provider says this is not possible it is not a BT Wholesale issue, but a policy decision from your provider.

The results will be published once we close the poll.


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