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Expect ntl:Telewest to rebrand to Virgin early in 2007

While lots of providers are moving into the double-play area, and a smaller number toying with triple-play, the ntl:Telewest group is pushing to be a quadruple-play operator in 2007. To that extent it has now announced completion of the acquisition of Virgin Mobile, which also carries a licensing arrangement to allow the group to retail services under a Virgin brand. The full press release is on

At this time the schedule is for the ntl:Telewest group to start to market a single set of services under the Virgin brand name sometime in the early part of 2007. This will mean that cable TV, fixed telephone lines, broadband and mobile telephones will come together in bundles, and with roughly 50% of households in an ntl:Telewest coverage area represents a strong competitor to the various other players looking to create one-bill type bundles.


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