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PlusNet launch line rental/calls bundles

PlusNet has now launched its landline rental and calls packages, that offer a bundle of line rental/calls and ADSL for £20.99, which is available on all BT exchanges offering the BT IPStream Max service. This bundle is based around the Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) with the PlusNet PAYG Basic ADSL service.

The calls element of the package offers 240 minutes of inclusive calls over the landline, with the VoIP component offering free calls to other PlusNet customers. The PAYG Basic comes with a small usual allowance of 50MB (MegaBytes), with usage above this level charged at 0.224p per MB. To give some idea of the usage costs, an average movie from Sky By Broadband would cost about £1.20 to download, so this package is more suited to those who just want to check email and some web browsing. If your usage is regularly above around 4 or 5GB per month, then you may want to switch to a different ADSL product in the bundle.

For those where the 240 minutes of telephone calls is not enough, then a product with inclusive calls to UK landlines and 20 other countries is available for £29.99 per month. This more expensive package also includes the PlusNet Broadband Plus product that includes a 3GB peak time allowance, and no fixed cap at off peak times.

Looking at the small print as we usually do, the products carry a one month contract, which is very rare in the bundle market, but be aware that if you opt for a free connection on PAYG Basic the £47 activation fee is deferred over a 12 month period. For the Broadband Plus £29.99 bundle, the £47 activation fee can be slowly absorbed over a five year period, ie. if you leave after 12 months you pay less activation than if you had paid it up front. Both of the products carry an exit fee of £20 which is payable no matter how long you have had the bundle. For those who may be needing to speak to a physical person for support, the PAYG Basic has a 50p per minute support line, but the £29.99 bundle has a 0845 rate support number.

Details of the bundles can be found at, which also includes a third bundle option at £36.99.


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