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More information on Pipex Homecall £29.99 bundle

Some information appeared over the weekend about the latest deal to emerge from the Pipex Homecall stable, this has been fleshed out now, and can now be found at

The price for the up to 8Mbps ADSL service remains at £6.50 per month, but the price of the Anytime calls package with the one bill option is actually £22.49 a month. This makes the complete bundle £29.99. So what are people going to get for the £29.99 a month: unlimited local and national calls, 25% off calls to mobiles, line rental included, up to 8Mbps ADSL service, free set-up and migration, 12 month contract, unlimited broadband usage but a fair usage policy does apply.

Comparing the deal with some of the others, it does look more per month than the headline fee for the TalkTalk service, but remember that the TalkTalk bundle will actually cost £29.99 for those not on a TalkTalk unbundled exchange (estimated at around 30% of households, once the LLU roll-out is complete). Comparing the broadband packages is harder, since how do you tell whether the fair use policy will allow you to exceed 40GB a month? That is something that will vary according to your actual usage patterns, and the impact of a fair use policy may vary over time, as other peoples usage patterns alter.

Comparing packages is becoming harder, and as providers try to bundle more options it is not going to become easier, until such time as the number of providers decreases. We would always suggest cross-checking comparison tables providers display or any other site for that matter, especially as new packages are appearing daily at present.


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