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Bulldog retail customers to be sold on

Just one month ago it was announced that Bulldog was to concentrate on wholesale broadband services, but would continue to support its existing 118,000 customers. According to The Independent Cable & Wireless now plans to sell off these 118,000 customers to an ISP that will use the C&W wholesale services.

It looks unlikely that the very big providers would take on this prospect as most of them are already investing in their own unbundling products to some extent. For the remaining providers, adding 118,000 customers would represent a large boost in numbers, and would need careful planning to ensure customer support services can cope with the large influx.

As it is, until a provider signs up to the wholesale service from Cable & Wireless, the Bulldog customers will be remaining with the company. One month on from the original announcement there has as yet been no public information about possible wholesale pricing/products or which providers have signed up, if any have.


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