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Shock news - Internet habits vary around Europe

The Channel Show has the detail on a research commissioned by Motorola which appears to show the UK is lagging in terms of broadband application awareness, and more importantly adoption. The survey was based on interviews with 2,500 people in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and of course the UK.

The area of Fixed Mobile Convergence, which means the ability for you mobile phone to switch to using your broadband connection once at home or in the office, seems to be low down the priority list for UK people, as the idea only appeals to 65%, where as in Spain 91% of respondents liked the idea. For companies like Orange OnePhone and BT with its BT Fusion products, this sows that there maybe a need for greater publicity to the benefits. It also seems the concept of naked DSL where you only pay a bill for broadband, and have no PSTN voice service on the telephone line but use a broadband voice solution, only appeals to 35% of the UK, whereas in Italy 77% would like this option.

It also seems that the factors for people buying broadband may be changing. In the past price was the key factor, and in much publicity from providers it is still the key headline, but now speed comes out as the top priority with 58% giving it as the reason for picking their current service, quality comes second at 17%, and freedom to access content at 14%. Price only got picked as the top option by 9% of respondents.

Actual usage of broadband is interesting, and while the UK is mad about music downloads, 85% usage, Spain at 87%, and France right down at 65%. When you look at movies, only 20% in the UK do this, whereas in Spain it is 60%. Unfortunately what the survey does not tell us, is how much content the percentages of people are downloading.


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