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Carphone Warehouse and its next generation network plan

Carphone Warehouse has announced the supplier for its next generation network, the winner is Sonus Networks who will provide the foundations for an IP based Multimedia subsystem. More over on ZDNet UK.

Opal Telecom who are the subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse who will be deploying the network, are saying the kit is being actively installed in between 10 to 15 exchanges per day, with a target of 1000 exchanges around the first quarter of 2007. Now we must be forgiven for a cyncial view on this, but is this closely linked to the unbundling support needed for the 'free broadand forever' deal from TalkTalk that has been marketed since the start of April 2006. In which case some of the dates customers are receiving for when they'll switch onto the fully unbundled service make more sense, which seem to range from July through to 2007.

Is this a case of marketing a product, and then matching the speed of roll-out to the demand, rather than having a product in place and ready before the marketing starts? It seems likely, and while there is no doubt they will beat the BT Group to getting their IP system on the 1000 exchanges, BT will be rolling out its 21CN on some 5000 exchanges, with many being much more remote than an unbundling operator would ever consider.


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