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Total Broadband from BT Retail

Is todays announcement of new broadband options from BT Retail under the umbrella of Total Broadband an attempt to meet the growing number of double/triple/quadruple play packages that are appearing? Well hard to say for sure, but it does go some way to making things like video telephony more accessible to the average customer. The new products will be available from June 21st 2006.

The full press release on the three broadband options from BT Retail can be found here. The main product options are shown below:


Monthly fee

Usage allowance

Hardware supplied

Minimum contract term

BT Total Option 1 £9.95 for 6 months, then £17.99 2GB BT 220V Router 18 months
BT Total Option 2 £14.99 for 3 months, then £22.99 6GB BT Home Hub 12 months
BT Total Option 3 £22.99 for 3 months, then £26.99 40GB BT Home Hub and handset 12 months

All these packages are based around the BT IPStream Max product offering up to 8Mbps line speeds, subject to the normal caveats of your exchange supporting the product, and rate adaption controlling the speed your individual line is capable of. All three packages include free access for 250 minutes to Openzone Wi-Fi hot spots, free evening and weekend calls via BT Broadband Talk, which is the BT VoIP service, and free video calls (video calls to mobiles are excluded) via the BT Broadband Talk Video service.

The Voice over IP offering has altered in that two new services are available, Broadband Talk Softphone which is a software based VoIP package running on your PC, that is compatible with BT Broadband Talk, and the Talk Video service, which exploits a webcam connected to the Softphone software.

The Total Broadband service comes with a bundle of bits and pieces with a maximum value of £370, the exact value and bundle contents depending on which Option you take. The bundle for an Option 3 product includes the BT wireless Home Hub, free Openzone access, evening and weekend calls, digital cordless handset for Softphone, Norton Firewall and anti-virus, free video calls until 2007, access to BT Vision and BT Fusion services.


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