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Fast4 offers unlimited and uncapped 8Mbps ADSL for £29.99

Fast4 whose parent company is V21, have announced a range of products, all of which offer an 'unlimited' and 'uncapped' service. As if this is not good enough, the products also come with free activation or migration and a free USB ADSL modem.

Four products are available, 0.5Mbps at £14.99, 1Mbps at £16.99, 2Mbps at £21.99 and a Max product at £29.99. The first three products are billed as unlimited bandwidth, but the Max product gets a different headline of "Unlimited monthly transfers, No restrictions and Limitations". It is probably worth adding that people should remember that the service will be contended, so that the line speed you purchase does not guarantee that downloads will run at those speeds every hour of the day, which is inline with all the other consumer broadband services. One point worth making is that a CPS (Carrier Pre-Selection) option is enabled by default when ordering the ADSL service, this is at the very bottom of the sign-up page. Therefore be sure to read the full page before deciding whether the calls package will suit you or not.

We are sure Fast4 are confident they can sustain the service, the question is whether their cost projections will survive in the long term. By offering a calls package and a 50p per minute support line, there is an increased revenue per customer ability, that may help to sustain what looks to be a very competitively priced pacakge. The UK broadband market is very mobile these days and some people are moving around the various deals in the market to obtain the maximum usage for the minimum outlay, and if one provider attracts a disproportionate amount of these it can cause higher than expected congestion, or as with some providers in the past changes to the terms of the service to ensure it runs smoothly for all. One other area where this can be seen is with credit cards offering 0% balance transfers, the credit card companies are becoming more careful at who gets these deals, to avoid those moving large amounts of debt between cards and if done right avoiding the interest charges when the free period runs out.


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