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Demon enters the up to 8Mbps arena

Demon is one of the latest providers to announce its up to 8Mbps packages. Existing broadband customers with Demon will get a free upgrade in due course as the company moves people onto the appropriate new package. Customers with an Express Solo/Total/Mac, Home and HomeOffice package will be upgraded onto a rate adaptive up to 8Mbps ADSL service. Business customers will be regraded to a new service depending on their current product, Business 500 will become Business 2000, Business 2000 will move to Business 4000 and Business 2000 customers will get a Business 8000 service. For more details and a link to a FAQ on the changes visit the Demon website.

Demon appear to be very prominent in the caveats that the rate adaptive services carry, i.e. that the actual line speed you will receive depends on many factors, and until running on the new services you cannot completely predict what speed you will get. They are also one of the few providers that indicate in the FAQ's the difference between line speed and throughput speed, see here. Another interesting comment, and one people with any ISP need to bear in mind, is that as we all get faster lines to the exchange, that while our average speeds will increase we will see more variation in maxmimum speed during the busy periods.

One area that is a bone of contention for some, is that of restrictions on a service, and Demon are indicating in the FAQ that the new products will carry a Fair Usage Policy. This is for the following reasons 'To ensure that we can offer faster speeds* without increasing prices, or over congesting our network, we need to take steps to ensure that the activities of very heavy users won’t affect everyone else.'. This will not affect those people on a Demon Business Broadband service. A full copy of the policy is not available yet, but will be published before the full launch of the products, at which point everyone will be able to judge it.


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