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Next step up broadband ladder for Somerset

Focus for councils and regional bodies around the UK is now starting to look at the next generation network needed (often given the catchy acronym NGN). Somerset is setting its cards on the table looking towards a mixture of wireless and fibre optic based technologies, to read more visit

A great many of things that the council is asking people to consider are now possible, but very often they are expensive to run, or require too much setting up to actually be of much use to the average person in the street. In effect any next generation service needs to consider both the availability and price of connectivity, but also how easy it is for people to make use of it.

This plan for broadband in Somerset is part of a much larger strategy called Somerset 2025, take a look at the notes from this Somerset County Council meeting in April 2006 for more information. The year of 2025 gives some idea that this is maybe not an overnight job, but rather a long term strategy looking a lot further down the line than perhaps many commercial Internet providers are able to.

The much vaunted 21st Century Network from the BT Group is in its first stage is not going to see much change for the average household, the changes to the core network will largely be transparent to the average broadband and telephone customer. In time though we may see BT build out and commence upgrades to the local loop that will improve the speed of broadband access for those living further out from the central exchange.


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