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LivingTV and Bravo content available for download

TV companies are almost daily announcing new broadband content deals or downloads, and today is no different. Flextech television has now launched a download service for content that has been shown on its LivingTV and Bravo channels. The episodes of shows will cost around £2.50 each to download. The downloads will also include shows licensed from Buena Vista International Television, such as Grey's Anatomy and Alias, though this US series will have additional restrictions in that the download will only work for seven days after download, and once playback has started will only viewable in one 24 hour window. More details on

Another company entering the TV over broadband market is the newspaper The Times. The content is apparently a string of clips including world news, business, sport and entertainment. The channel is free, with commercials paying for the service. A little more on the new service can be read on The Register.


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